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Staying Mobile

Posted by Milo Hutchings on

A recent visit to the Tate Modern’s exhibition, ‘Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture’, got us thinking about the relationship between shape, movement and colour, considering the influence of these qualities on our current collection.

An American sculptor and draughtsman, Alexander Calder was the pioneer of mobiles. Whilst living in Paris, he began to create structures that could be moved by hand or set in motion by air currents - moving sculptures that Marcel Duchamp described as the first ever mobiles.

Calder’s creations immediately reminded us of our very own mobiles made by Danish design company, Livingly. Inspired by 1960s op-art, these beautiful hangings also draw parallels with the artwork of another influential figure from the time period, artist and architect Victor Passmore.



The striking colours and forms in Passmore’s work are echoed in some of our cards and home accessories, inspired by abstract patterns and shapes.


Until next time,

Stuff of Dreams.







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