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New company, new to blogging and so hello from Stuff of Dreams, a name we liked because our project is aspirational but rooted…in stuff. Many moons ago, we left London to live in a ramshackle, old bakehouse on what was once a grand estate but had become a collection of buildings rented by a diverse and transitory bunch of people. The place, owned by the family of a well-known ceramicist, had many claims to fame including an ancient plane tree that had taken root over 400 years before.

 On leaving to lay down our own roots, we were given two wonderful gifts: an old oak 'star' root and a new shoot from one of the many oaks that stood in the grounds. Here they are today, a decade and more later:

So what's all this about? Well, we recently came across the fine workmanship of the Oak Men whose products we now stock and, by way of introduction, here’s an instruction manual for their ‘flip’ trays:

That's it: a little about us, some news about them and plenty more stuff to come.


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