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Bad timing...

Posted by Martin Hutchings on

'The readiness is all' referred to rather more important issues than Christmas gifts but, yesterday, on talking to Lucy who is fast becoming our guide and confidante, we realised we were far from ready with the Christmas stuff that must go online. So, as the late summer sun set (too early in the evening), there was something of a panic regarding an issue that is becoming very important indeed.  

What stuff when? Who knows what we'll like tomorrow? Quite a few years ago, we were so taken with the art of the Ndebele women celebrated in Margaret Courtney-Clarke's wonderful book that we decorated a small cloakroom in its style:

We still enjoy this space and it's fascinating to see how their genius with shape and colour is now such an influence on current trends.


          Cushions: Ferm Living                Photo: Margaret Courtney-Clarke

Meanwhile, like curious players from a bad sci-fi series, we 'FaceTime' our son against the blue skies of a whistle stop tour of Europe, whilst fretting about Christmas. Good timing?

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